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Benedicte Giniaux Gallery

The Benedicte Giniaux Gallery situated in Bergerac’s historic old town specialises in figurative art.

Informations pratiques

Address : 3 place du Docteur Cayla - Centre historique

Tel : 06 80 31 09 56
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Its permanent artists each bring their distinctive style to the themes of still lives, animals, the nudes or everyday scènes from home or abroad. It is a gallery full of dreams and poetry, humanity, humour and personal stories. Its artists are all deeply committed to their work and their reputation, in several cases, goes far beyond our borders.

Sending and delivery upon request
 Collage Watercolour Pastels Acrylics Oils

 from 15th of march to 15th of january
 from wednesday to sunday & days off : 15h30 - 19h30 and with booking